Publishing house TMBprint

    Publishing House TMBprint (PH TMBprint) was founded in 2005, and since then it has gone a long way of development and improvement of its printing technologies. The PH TMBprint specializes in printing scientific journals, group and individual monographs, proceedings of international research conferences, tutorials and textbooks and other materials used in academic and research work.

    The PH TMBprint assists young scientists, poets, artists and creative individuals in publication of their works, including collections of poetry, original programs, research works, and albums of paintings. These types of printing work, though not being its main activity, are an essential part of its printing production.

    Currently, the PH TMBprint is engaged in small-scale printing and offers a range of printing services, including:

  • One-page products:
  • Promotional leaflets, posters, tickets, thank you letters, forms, certificates, diplomas, pocket calendars, stickers, postcards, invitation cards, self-copying forms, price tags and many more.

  • Multi-page products:
  • Anthologies, pamphlets, journals monographs, textbooks, catalogs, books, presenters, reference books, photo albums and other multi-page products.

  • Souvenirs, representative products and POS-materials:
  • CDs and DVDs packaged in cases, catalogs, name tags, notepads, paper blocks, business cards, wobblers, pendants, discount cards, quarterly calendars, tabletop calendars, spring calendars, envelopes, punched full-color folders, punched tinted cardboard folders, cord handle bags, shelf talkers, and many more.

    We value all our customers and try to meet their needs. We are committed to providing an excellent service to you.


    Publishing Department of PH TMBprint:
    Room 5, 70 Moskovskaya Street, 392000, Tambov, Russia
    mobile.: 89158830993
    landline: (4752)71-14-18
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