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Voronkova Olga Vasilyevna—Doctor of Economics, Professor, Editor-in-chief, Chair of the Editorial Board, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

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Atabekova Anastasia Anatolevna— PhD, Professor, Head of Department of Foreign Languages Faculty of Law of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.

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Omar Laruk — PhD, Associate Professor of the National School of Computer Science and Libraries University of Lyon.

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Levshina Violetta Vitalevna — Professor of Department of Quality Management and Mathematical Methods in Economics, Siberian State Technological University.

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Malinina Tatiana Borisovna — Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Social Analysis and Mathematical Methods in Sociology, St. Petersburg State University.

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Bednarzhevsky Sergey Stanislavovich — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department "Health and Safety" Surgut State University, Laureate of the National Prize of Russia in of Science and Technology, Academician of Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Academy of Energy.

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Nadtochy Igor Olegovich — Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Philosophy, Voronezh State Forestry Academy.

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Snezhko Vera Leonidovna — Professor, Head of Department of Information Technologies in Construction, Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering.

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Tarando Elena Evgenyevna — Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, St. Petersburg State University.

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Wu Songjie (Wu Songjie) — PhD in Economics, Professor of Shandong Normal University.

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Du Khung (Du Kun) — PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Development Institute for Agriculture Cooperation Qingdao Agricultural University (Qingdao, China).

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