Terms and cost of publication in the journals

Subject Headings
Initial Reviewing
Formatting instructions
Payment and fees
Documents for publication


  • The journals are published 12 times a year (monthly);
  • They are published in the traditional form and in the form of thematic volumes on specific issues;
  • The papers are published in Russian and English with abstracts and keywords in both languages; the key points of the papers can be published in both languages;
  • The journals welcome papers, reviews, brief reports, discussion papers, letters to the editor, as well as series of papers , and extended abstracts and preprints of dissertations on request;
  • The size of articles is not strictly limited: it must correspond to their content;
  • The articles are reviewed by experts and submitted to the members of the editorial board;
  • The priority papers are published urgently;
  • The author retains the right to publish translations of papers in other journals;
  • The authors can request an additional number of copies of the journal at a nominal fee;
  • The journals are available for order as a complete volume and separate parts by heading.

Subject Headings:

  1. Supporting Science Development
  2. Earth Sciences
  3. Biological Sciences
  4. Biotechnology and Medicine
  5. Pedagogical sciences
  6. Vocational Education
  7. Architecture and Construction
  8. Historical Sciences and Archaeology
  9. Philology
  10. The mechanical engineering and engineering science
  11. Mathematical Methods and Models
  12. Chemical Technologies
  13. Chemical and Food Technologies
  14. Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technologies
  15. Electronics, Measuring Equipment, Radio and Telecommunications
  16. Computer science, computer engineering and management
  17. Quality Management
  18. Ecology and Nature Management
  19. Economics
  20. Jurisprudence
  21. Legal regulation
  22. Cultural Studies
  23. Materials for Discussion

Initial Reviewing

Please send your paper be in * .doc or * .docx formats to the following e-mail address: voronkova@tambov-konfcentr.ru Please include the following details:

  1. UDC index (Universal decimal classification);
  2. Title of the paper in Russian and English languages;
  3. Full names of all authors;
  4. Affiliation (full official name of the university or organization);
  5. Keywords in Russian and English languages (in alphabetical order);
  6. Abstract in Russian and English;
  7. Text of the paper in Russian or English (for papers in English the translation into Russian is welcomed);
  8. References;
  9. transliteration references;
  10. Details of all authors of the paper (surname and initials, academic degree, position, place of work, e-mail, address).

Attention! All articles are checked for plagiarism, unscrupulous authors will be included in the "black list". The journal publishes original papers which have not been previously published.

Formatting instructions:

File Please submit your paper as *.doc or *.docx file.

Sheet format: A4 (210X297 mm) paper size, top margin: 20 mm, bottom margin: 20 mm, left margin: 20 mm, right margin: 15 mm

Font – Times New Roman, size – 14, Line spacing – 1,5; Indents - 0,75 Please Do NOT insert page numbers. Please Do NOT add Headers or Footers. Please use automatic word hyphenation.

Figures and diagrams must be inserted in *.tif, *.jpeg or *.doc format (grouped, line thickness no less than 0.75 pt, Font – Times New Roman).

Equation editor – Math Type Equation, font - Times New Roman, variables - in italics, Greek characters - normal, Russian - normal.


If your paper is accepted by the editorial board the author(s) should send a complete set of documents to the following email address: voronkova@tambov-konfcentr.ru

  • paper;
  • registration card;
  • expert review;
  • signed contract for rendering publishing services;
  • a copy of payment document.

Payment and fees

The publishing fee is 1000 rubles per page. The minimum number of pages is 5. A one-year subscription to the journal is 3000 rubles, including 12 volumes + 960 rubles for the delivery of the 12 volumes in Russia. Subscription is at the request of the author. Postgraduates publish their paper for free. The decision on publication of papers submitted by postgraduates is made by the editorial board.

The cost of delivery (two volumes per one parcel to one postal address) for: Russia - 100 rubles, CIS countries (CIS) - 300 rubles, Abroad - 500 rubles.

Documents for publication


Editorial addresses:

  • Global Scientific Potential:
    Office 1, 13 ul. Spalernaya, St. Petersburg, Russia Теl.: 8(915) 678-88-44
    E-mail: global@globaljournals.ru
  • Science and business: ways of development :
    Office 26, 10 Malaya Pereyaslavskaya, Moscow, Russia Tel.: 8(915) 678-88-44
    E-mail: nauka-bisnes@mail.ru

Editor-in-Chief: Olga Voronkova.

Tel.: 8(4752) 71-14-18

E-mail: nauka-bisnes@mail.ru